Lay Leadership

Board Chairman:

Vice Chairman: Rick Murphy

Financial Secretary: Sally Barnes

Treasurer: Pat Takash

Assistant Treasurer: Gail Nugent

Board Secretary: Holly Campbell

Clerk: Beverly Barnes

Historian: Beth Griffin

Elders Chairman: Rev. Don Gaffney

Diaconate Chairman: Marilyn Stanovich

Education and Youth: Linda Peoples

Administration: Beverly Barnes

Stewardship and Finance: Pat Takash

Human Resources: Lisa Gearhart

Church Staff

Minister: Mr. Lew Voisey

Organist: Mr. Jeff Wachter


Dave Tota

Rick Murphy


Lucille Sickafuse

Linda Peoples

Ruth Tota

Beverly Barnes

Lew Voisey

Diane Gaffney

Rev. Don Gaffney

Elders Emeritus

Larry Dillingham

Beverly Barnes